Acupuncture, one of the modalities of Chinese Medicine with a history of over 2,000 years, is a profound inheritance into our culture for it is an opportunity to imagine a different way of perceiving the body and to believe in what we cannot see: streams of "Qi" traversing the body with special points along these pathways that when activated adjust and regulate flow and circulation.

Receiving acupuncture not only alleviates symptoms but is an experience of connection - feeling how a subtle sensation from a needle in one area sends a message to the whole body. And then from a greater perspective, we can imagine how healthy changes within ourselves - small ecosystems within the larger ecology of the earth - affects the balance and wellbeing of all around us.

I practice with a particular focus on the Five Elements or Five Phase Theory in Chinese Medicine: the dymamic relationship among wood, fire, earth, metal and water. This model, filled with rich imagery and metaphor, illustrates how our physiology relates to the natural environment, and teaches how to live from the center of the circle of constantly changing patterns of thoughts and emotions so we may respond to life with spontaneity and virtue.

Though acupuncture has become increasingly familiar, there are many bridges of understanding yet to be built. Towards this end, I welcome collaboration with physicians and other specialists.

This site is also a bridge and periodically I will post essays and newsworthy articles on acupuncture. For now, click on the "Resources" section for recommended reading. And, of course, please contact me if you have any questions.

Water Lily, Karla Van Vliet.