Mountain Health Center and Integrative Medicine

Mad River Glen View, Brenda Myrick.

As we continue into the 21st century the current of "integrative medicine" continues to flow. I am fascinated by the various ways in which hospitals, clinics and private practices choose to combine various modalities for the sake of a more wholesome delivery of health care services.

My new position within Mountain Health Center as of last year offering acupuncture is a reflection of this evolving trend.

To get a glimpse into the historical and philosophical backdrop to the emergence of integrative medicine, here are a few references of websites and articles to get started, with more to share along the way.

This article on "Integral Healthcare" (with reference Ken Wilbur's Integral Theory) discusses the benefits and challenges of a new paradigm. www.asphttp://

In the following essay entitled "The Future of Chinese Medicine: It's In Our Hands" Lonny Jarrett, a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, author and teacher, invites us to look closely at the virtue of "integrity".

Hospitals and medical schools across the country have created Integrated Medicine Departments, including the University of Vermont.